Más de 50 años de experiencia nos respaldan para seguir generando soluciones, productos, repuestos y servicios requeridos en la exigente industria minera


We are a leading manufacturer company in the production of hydraulic drills, pneumatics, and their spare parts. We have a solid presence in the main mining groups around the world where mining is a fundamental part of development, proving our high level of global competitiveness.
We are always in constant improvement. Each area of ​​the company is rigorously and frequently evaluated to ensure optimal performance.
We have 4 basic pillars that work in perfect synergy:

  • 1 First level infrastructure
  • 2 World-class raw material
  • 3 Standarized processes
  • 4 Highly qualified staff

All working in perfect coordination to successfully meet our objectives, positioning us as a leading brand in subterranean drilling solutions. More than fifty years of experience guarantee that we continue generating solutions, products, spare parts and services required in the demanding mining industry. Our history is proof that we know how to meet the needs of our customers and of a demanding global market that is constantly evolving.